Pro Channel

Thames Distribution’s Pro Channel


Flexible to market trends

Here at Thames Distribution, we don’t just talk about supporting our vendors and customers; we’re agile and adaptive to market trends, allowing us to be flexible enough to change our business model in response.


Pro Channel Understanding

We’ve carefully watched and engaged with the emerging market of Professional Installers – these are the people who make their living through their customers’ home maintenance and improvements. Their trades vary from builder to handyperson to electrician, but their common goal is to grow their business and give great customer service, and we’re here to help them achieve that aim.


Giving them what they asked for

Having put in the time to understand this channel through research, surveys and focus groups, we’re here to deliver.

Ring TradePro for the professional Ring installer

We asked what they want to help them sell in great products to their customers, such as Ring Video Doorbells, and here’s what they told us:

  • Get the product into the wholesalers I regularly use
  • Give me access to the best prices so I’ve got a competitive edge
  • Make sure there’s support if I need advice
  • Keep me up-to-date with products that are coming to market
  • Provide materials to help me explain the products’ benefits


Delivering the goods

And so that’s what we’ve done.

We’ve worked hard to get the product into our customers’ preferred suppliers and wholesalers. These include CEF, BEW, Edmundson Electrical and Wickes – and the list continues to grow. If you’re interested in becoming one of our wholesaler partners, email us.


In partnership with Ring, we’ve built a Pro Channel Programme that delivers the goods in a simple, easy-to-use format. Sign-up is a quick, one-off job; ensuring its subscribers get the discountsoffersnews and updates they asked for.

Tell us what you think

As the programme grows, more benefits will get built-in – its entire existence is to make it easier for Pro Installers to make money by installing Ring security products.

So, tell us what you think.

Give us your feedback.

Let us know what you like – we’ll do more of it…or what you think is missing and we’ll build it into the plan.




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